Fringe Furniture 2013: Make It True

 In 2013, Fringe Furniture will showcase the realisation of truth through design.

Great design makes true a form, a shape or function that already exists somehow; it reveals a truth we aren’t aware of yet.

Discovering great design is a revelatory experience, but it’s also a moment of recognition. It’s the sensation you get when the unfamiliar becomes something you’ve always known – call it déjà true. Great design fills the space between the real and the imagined in a way that makes it feel timeless.

This year’s Fringe Furniture designers will bring these half-glimpsed truths into sharp focus and make them real.

Delivered in partnership with the Abbotsford Convent, Fringe Furniture will open on 18 September and run Wed – Sun, 11am – 5pm until 6 October. Registrations for the event are open from 28 June – 26 July 2013.