Fringe Furniture 2013: Make It True

 In 2013, Fringe Furniture showcased the realisation of truth through design.

Great design makes true a form, a shape or function that already exists somehow; it reveals a truth we aren’t aware of yet.

Discovering great design is a revelatory experience, but it’s also a moment of recognition. It’s the sensation you get when the unfamiliar becomes something you’ve always known – call it déjà true. Great design fills the space between the real and the imagined in a way that makes it feel timeless.

This year’s Fringe Furniture designers will bring these half-glimpsed truths into sharp focus and make them real.

Fringe Furniture 2013 was once again delivered in partnership with the Abbotsford Convent.

2013 Award Winners

Sustainable and Waste-Wise Design Award Sponsored by Banyule City Council
Toby Horrocks, Equivocal Equilateral

Emerging Designer Award Sponsored by Craft
Rory Davenport, Pull Legs

Most Market-Ready Design Award Sponsored by TAIT.OUTDOOR
Roslyn Campbell, I feel like I’m made of gold and my mind is a pot of honey

Best Lighting Design Award Sponsored by ISM
Andrew Hnatojko and Dale Hardiman, Polly Popper